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Freddie Mercury talking about his stage persona, 1986.

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Freddie’s outfits
→ Red sequin leotard, worn live on stage in 1979.

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'Save Me' music video, filmed at Alexandra Palace venue in London, 1979.

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22 years without Freddie Mercury 
5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991

Freddie, you changed the face of music and brought happiness into our lives with your incredible talent. We miss you and remember you every day, thank you for everything.

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Interview with Freddie in Zürich, 1982.

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Freddie Mercury behind the scenes of 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' video which was filmed in Limestone Studios on May 30th 1991, featuring some of Freddie’s last moments in front of the camera.

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Freddie in “Keep Yourself Alive” video, 1973.

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Freddie sporting his dazzling silver lurex outfit live at Earls Court, 1977.

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Freddie performing “White Queen (As It Began)” live at the Rainbow, 1974.

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